My-T-Bond 2221

My-T-Bond 2221

My-T-Bond® 2221 is a synthetic rubber based contact adhesive design for multi-purpose applications in furniture, automobile and carpeting industries. It is widely used for soft and hard materials such as rubber, leather, metals glass and plastic. It demonstrates fast initial bonding strength and good contact capability and exhibit high bond strength. It does not lose elasticity after bonding.

Pack Size:

My-T-Bond® 2221 is ideally available in 100gm tube, 1kg and 5kg pack.

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Product Features & Benefits

 Good elasticity
 fast initial bonding strength
 Good contact capability
 high bond strength


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Appearance Light-Brown amber
2.) Chemical Type Rubber Based
3.) Viscosity, Brookfield, At 25±2°C,  Spindle #7; Speed 2.5 rpm  ASTM D1084 2800-3000cP
4.) Lap Shear Strength after 7 days;

ASTM D1002 (aluminum – rubber)

20 to 32 Kg/6.25
5.) Solid Content 28-30%
6.) Bond open time 8-10 mins