My-T-Bond 2738

My-T-Bond® 2738 is a 2K-Epoxy room temperature curing, thixotropic adhesive; it bonds and repairs a wide variety of materials.

  • offer superior thermal shock resistance
  • Shows good mechanical, electrical and impact resistant properties.
  • Free Flowing

Pack Size:

My-T- Bond® 2738 is ideally available in

  • 50 ml and 400 ml dual cartridge
  • 1 kg and 5 kg packing containers

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Product Advantages

 Used for industrial assemblies for multi-purpose applications
 Suitable for bonding and potting electronic components.
 Used for bonding of metals, electronic components, GRP structures.


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Appearance; Component (A)

Component (B)

Mixed (Part A + Part B)


Slight Yellow


2.) Mix ratio by weight; Part A: Part B 100:80
3.) Pot Life @25 ±2 °C (10gm mix) 3 min
4.) Lap Shear Strength, ASTM D 1002; Steel 10-13 N/mm²
5.) Impact Strength, ASTM D 950; Steel >35 N/mm²
6.) Viscosity; Component (A)

Component (B), Brookfield, Spindle 6, Speed 20 r.p.m@25±2C

13000-15000 cP

10000 -16000 cP