My-T-Sil 913

My-T-Sil® 913 is an industrial purpose one-component neutral cure, Non-Slump paste like RTV silicone for general purpose sealing, bonding and gasketing.

  • Excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, solar radiation, moisture, vibrations and chemicals.
  • Adheres to metals, plastics, ceramics glass, wood, painted surfaces, concrete, natural & synthetic fibers, etc.
  • Adheres well on alkali materials such as mortar and white cement.

Pack Size:

My-T-Sil® 913 is ideally available in

  • 280 ml cartridge
  • 100 ml tube
  • 20 Kg Pail/Bucket

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Product Features & Benefits

 The product retains effective properties in contact with automotive fluids, such as alcohol, motor oil, transmission fluids, and antifreeze solutions.
 My-T-Sil® 913 is used in various automotive plant maintenance and small, medium, and large-sized OEM, electronic, military, and industrial components.
 Highly flexible. Enhances load bearing & shock absorbing characteristics of the bond area.


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Appearance Clear, black, white, red, Ivory, Golden, Silver and gray Paste
2.) Cure Neutral
3.) Specific Gravity @ 25±2°C 0.98
4.) Viscosity Thixotropic
5.) Skin over Time 7-10 minutes
6.) Tack Free Time 5-10 minutes
7.) Tensile Strength ASTM D412 15-30 N/mm2
8,) Elongation ASTM D412 ≥ 250 %
9.) Hardness (Durometer Shore A), ASTM D2240 20-30
10.) Operating Temperature -65 to 250 °C