My-T-Sil 915

My-T-Sil 915

My-T-Sil® 915 is a one part neutral cure RTV Silicone sealant of paste-like consistency that cures to a tough, rubbery substrate when exposed to moisture in the air.

  • Excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, solar radiation, moisture, vibrations and chemicals.
  • Non Sag Consistency
  • Suitable to adhere clean metal viz., Galvanized steel, Aluminum, Coated steel including chrome-painted surfaces, glass, and ceramics, most plastics, PVC pipe, non-oily woods, fibrous cement, and concrete surfaces, Brick, Render.

Pack Size:

My-T-Sil® 915 is ideally available in

  • 280 ml cartridge
  • 100 ml tube
  • 20 Kg Pail/Bucket

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Product Features & Benefits

 It will not flow of its own weight and can be applied to overhead or vertical joints and surfaces without slumping, sagging or running off.
 Suitable for all sealing applications which require high temperature resistance and sealing between metal and plastic which are exposed to high temperature.
 Automotive gasket applications including valve covers, rocker covers oil pans, water pumps, end seals, intake manifolds & rear axle housings.
 Used as a sealant and adhesive for assembly & repair of industrial furnaces, ovens, boilers, exhaust stacks, high temperature ducting, & heating elements in electrical appliances.


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Appearance Red Paste
2.) Cure Moisture
3.) Specific Gravity @ 25±2°C 1.4 ± 0.05
4.) Viscosity Thixotropic
5.) Skin over Time 15 – 25 minutes
6.) Tack Free Time 45 – 60 minutes
7.) Tensile Strength ASTM D412 1.15-3.5 N/mm2
8,) Elongation ASTM D412 > 300 %
9.) Hardness (Durometer Shore A), ASTM D2240 45 – 55
10.) Operating Temperature -65 to 400 °C