My-T-Stick 2121

My-T-Stick® 2121 is a hot melt adhesive based on polyolefin for use with special applications filters. Application includes bonding in specialized filters and in electronic parts setting

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Product Features & Benefits

 It has cold temperature flexibility (-40C)
 High temperature resistance of approximately 130C.
 It is UL94 V-0 fire preservation grade and confirming EU RoHS.


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Chemical type Polyolefin based
2.) Appearance Milky White
3.) Viscosity    @ 180°C 11000 cP
4.) Viscosity    @ 160°C 18000 cP
5.) Softening point

(Ring & Ball)

150 ± 7°C
6.) Open Time 30-40 Sec
7.) Setting Time 15-20 sec