My-T-Stick 8291

My-T-Stick® 8291 is a hot melt adhesive especially suitable for packaging applications where aggressive tack and heat resistance is required. This stick is also suitable for adhesive bonding of difficult surfaces e.g. varnished cartons.

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Product Features & Benefits

 High tack
 Heat resistant
 Adhesive bonding of different substrate
 Stable for 50hrs at 150ºC


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Chemical type EVA based
2.) Appearance Yellow
3.) Viscosity    @ 160°C 4000- 6000 cP
4.) Softening point (Ring & Ball) 100°C – 110°C
5.) Open Time Medium
6.) Setting Time 15-20 sec
7.) Application Temperature Use minimum 60W applicator gun
8.) Water Absorption Negligible