PRECOTE® Top 709

precote 709 is a nonreactive coating with mineral solid lubricants for the substitution of high-temperature pastes. The coating is dry, tack-free and with good adherence.

Product Advantages

  •  Effective up to +850°C (+1560°F)
  •  No seizing or galling at assembly
  •  Constant assembly properties
  •  Constant and low thread friction
  •  Dry to the touch coating
  •  Contains UV marker

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Industrial Specifications and Standards

Company Specification Company Specification


Properties Description Properties Description
Color anthracite Chemical Type Acrylate
Thread friction value2 µThread 0,1 – 0,15 Initial installation torque2,4 < 3 Nm
Break away torque4 at RT after storage
at +400°C (+750°F) for 100 h2
< 2,5 x Ma Maximum operation temperature in air +850°C (+1560°F)