Altraset® LV

Altraset® LV is a low viscosity, fast cure UV adhesive which bonds glass to glass, glass to metal

components such as precision optical instruments, furniture and industrial devices.

  • The product is solvent free
  • Cured when exposed to ultraviolet lights ranging

Pack Size:

Altraset® LV is ideally available in

  • 100 gm Pack

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Product Features & Benefits

 Typically uses for rapid cure glass bonding applications for decorative components


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Appearance Clear
2.) Specific Gravity @ 25±2 °C 1
3.) Viscosity Brookfield @ 25±2°C, Spindle no.2, Speed 50 rpm 45-60 cP
4.) Temperature range -30 to 150°C
5.) Application Bonding
6.) Fixture time (10X10cm), thickness 2.5 mm

Glass- glass microscope slides

Glass to steel

Curing Source:

UV Light of Intensity = 10 mW/cm2 and 365 nm Wavelength

60-70 secs

60-70 secs