My-T-Bond 1314

My-T-Bond 1314

My-T-Bond® 1314 is a liquid gasket (Grey) adhesive with easy application. It adheres to many rough surfaces, fill all gaps and holes. It does not cause deterioration to metal surface by forming rubber like elastic material. It prevents leakages and enhances seal property and extends product life.

Pack Size:

My-T-Bond® 1314 is ideally available in100 gm Tube ,1 kg and 5kg Pack.

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Product Advantages

 Slow drying viscous paste on evaporation of solvent
 Medium to long open time
 Rubbery and highly resistance to heat, oil and a variety of chemicals.
 Excellent sealing
 Prevent leakages from threaded fasteners


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Appearance Grey liquid
2.) Chemical Type Synthetic Rubber
3.) Viscosity, Brookfield, At 25±2°C,  Spindle #7; Speed 2.5 rpm  ASTM D1084  

2000-5000 cP

4.) Pressure resistance ≥100 bar
5.) Technology Liquid gasket