My-T-Bond 2217

My-T-Bond® 2217 is a synthetic rubber based multi-purpose. It is Black viscous paste, cures by solvent evaporation and provides tough flexible sealing between the varieties of substrates. It possesses adhesion on glass, metal, wood, paper, ceramic, PP copolymers, polyester glass fiber etc. It has excellent ageing resistance. It also exhibit good di-electric properties. It prevent water, dust entry and corrosion. Application includes

  • It is used for waterproofing application.
  • Used for sealing spot-welded areas of the dashboard panel and reinforced body.

Pack Size:

My-T-Bond® 2217 is ideally available in 100 ml and 200 ml Pack and 300 ml cartridge

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Product Features & Benefits

 Tough flexible sealing
 Highly viscous
 Good di-electric properties.


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Appearance Black Paste
2.) Chemical Type Rubber Based
3.) Viscosity, Brookfield, At 25±2°C,  Spindle #7; Speed 2.5 rpm  ASTM D1084 100000-200000 cP
4.) Lap Shear Strength after 7 days;

ASTM D1002

≥ 1 Kg/cm2
5.) Hardness Shore A; ASTM      D2240 28
6.) Non-volatile content 50-60