My-T-Bond 8999

My-T-Bond 8999

My-T-Bond®8999 is an innovative, environmental friendly, one-part, moisture cure hybrid sealant. It is solvent and isocyanate free sealant.

Application includes fabricate and repair truck trailers, buses, train cars, mobile homes, refrigerated trucks, yacht and boatbuilding, etc.

  • Silicone-free, no silicone staining
  • Excellent adhesion to wide range of substrates without primer
  • Remains elastic at low temperature

Pack Size:

My-T-Bond®8999 is ideally available in 280ml Aluminum Cartridge

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Product Features & Benefits

 Achieving superior resistance to weather
 High UV-stability
 Stable at high temperature.
 Over paintable with most water based paint system
 Good extrusion at low temperature


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Colour Black
2.) Appearance Non Slump Paste
3.) Service Temperature Range -50 to90° C
4.) Skin Over Time 5 min.
5.) Tack Free Time 60 min.
6.) Cure time (3mm thickness) 24 hrs.
7.) Hardness Durometer Shore ASTM D2240 45-50
8.) Tensile Strength, ASTM D412 2-3 N/mm²
9.) Elongation, ASTM D412 ³550%