My-T-Glue 751

My-T-Glue 751

My-T-Glue® 751 is low viscosity, one component, general purpose instant bonding cyanoacrylate adhesive. It is used for bonding of plastics and elastomeric materials where very fast fixture time is required.

Pack Size:

My-T-Glue® 751 is ideally available in

  • 20 g Bottle
  • 50 g Bottle

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Product Features & Benefits

 Instant Bonding Adhesive
 Quick Repair Adhesive for close fitting bonds on wide variety of substrates.
 High Strength


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Appearance Transparent/ Straw Colored Liquid
2.) Chemical Type Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
3.) Specific Gravity @ 25±2°C 1.06
4.) Viscosity @ 25±2°C, Brookfield, Spindle #1, Speed 50 100-150 cP
5.) Fixture Time (Steel-Degreased) 5-10 seconds
6.) Lap Shear Strength ASTM D1002 (Steel-Steel) 15-23 N/mm2
7.) Tensile Strength ASTM D897 (Steel-Steel) 15-25 N/mm2