NYCOTE® thread masking prevents weld spatter, electro-deposited paints, primers or coatings from adhering to the threads.

Nylok’s patented Nycote® coating process provides an affordable and efficient way of protecting fastener threads from weld spatter and electro-deposited paints, primers and coatings. Nycote® is a non-conductive powder thread coating that can be applied to virtually any fastener to add lubricity and reduce torque versus tension scatter.

Nycote® is widely used in industries such as agricultural, automotive, appliance, electronics, HVAC, machinery, marine, outdoor power equipment, recreation equipment and telecommunications manufacturing.

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Product Advantages

 Prevents adhesion of weld spatter
 Prevents the adhesion of electrodeposited primers and coatings
 Improves lubricity and reduces installation drive friction and noise
 Can be applied on weld stud, external and internal threaded fasteners
 Coats on the threads only, does not impact conductivity after welding
 Reduces manufacturing cost by increasing productivity
 Eliminates expensive masking, plugging, capping of threads
 Environment-friendly, less reactive to chemicals and not contaminating to the environment

Industrial Specifications and Standards

Company Specification Company Specification
General Motors GM6076M BMW DIN 15D8992
Chrysler PS-8542 Ford WSS-M21P27-A3
Mercedes-Benz 58704 58913A606 Navistar TMS 4524
Fiat Auto 9.56455 Nissan TO-925
Jaguar JFS:02.01.13 IBC 91108833
Opel ON 2018 Land Rover RES.22.FP.04
Rolls Royce TL188 Renault 91108833
VW-Audi TL188 Land Rover RES.22.FP.04


Free Drive Torque: 0.1–1.5 Nm
Seating Torque: 40.0 Nm
Torque Tension: 16.0–36.0 kN