Protect 77

Protect 77 Spray is a clear, sprayable coating  without chlorinated solvents or CFC’s. The coating air dries and is tack-free in five minutes to provide a tough environmental, solvent and corrosion resistant coating.

Pack Size:

Protect 77 Spray is ideally available in 500 ml Spray Pack

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Product Features & Benefits

 Free from chlorinated solvents or CFCs.
 Provide a tough environmental and solvent resistant coating
 Air dries tack free in five minutes


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Specific Gravity 0.92
2.) Appearance Clear Liquid
3.) Service Temperature Range -50 to100° C
4.) Viscosity, Brookfield, DV II + Pro, At 25 °C, Spindle 2, Speed 100 rpm 20 – 50 cP
5.) Dielectric Breakdown Voltage, ASTM D149 5. 8 KV/mm