My-T-Kleen Paint & Gasket Remover

My-T-Kleen® Paint and Gasket Remover is a fast-acting blend of solvents for removal of paints, gaskets, adhesives, sealants, lacquers and varnishes without excessive scraping or causing damage  to the surfaces. It also cleans stubborn grease, oil, varnish and carbon deposits.

Pack Size:

My-T-Kleen® Paint and Gasket Remover is ideally available in 500ml spray cans.

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Product Features & Benefits

 Protects surface finish from excessive scraping
 Removes gaskets, paints, sealants and varnishes
 Fast acting formula cleans dried grease & oil


Sr No Properties Value
1.) Color Opaque
2.) Appearance Viscous Liquid
3.) Specific Gravity @ 20 °C 1.05-1.25 g/cm3
4.) Vapor Density > Air
5.) Evaporation rate Faster than n-butyl acetate
6.) Flash point (aerosol) -18°C (aerosol)
7.) Corrosivity None
8.) Solubility in water Nil in water
9.) Propellant LPG, Non CFC
10.) Size available 500ml