Precote® is the world-leading dual microencapsulated pre-applied adhesives from OmniTECHNIK® and it is authorized to be processed exclusively in India at Metlok Precoat Services Pvt. Ltd. .

Precote® products are varnish-like, solvent free coating systems based on micro-encapsulated acrylates for sealing and locking of threaded parts.

Its characteristics as a locking and sealing element become effective only when the capsules are ruptured by shear and pressure stress and the adhesive is allowed to cure.

Precote® products are widely used in automobile, bicycle, machinery, appliance electronics, telecommunication, high speed railway, and power transmission system.

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Product Features & Benefits

 The only dual microencapsulated self-locking and sealing product in the industry
 No additional locking device needed
 Complies with and exceeds IFI-125 and IFI-525 and most automobile specifications
 Can be applied on internal or external threaded fasteners
 Ready for assembly
 Long product shelf life (unaffected by atmospheric condition)
 Non-tacky finish, dry-to-the-touch
 Non-toxic, assembler friendly

Industrial Specifications and Standards

Company Specification Company Specification
Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) DIN 267 part 27 Industrial Fasteners Institute(IFI) IFI-125
General Motors GM-6175M
GMW 14657 B/C
Ford Motor WX200
Chrysler MS-CC76 (Type A&C)
MCSD7 PF-6616
BMW DIN 267 part 27
Bosch N38A SR9.3
N38A SR9.5
British Leyland BLS 22.FP.01
Porsche 1230 VW Audi DIN 267 part 27
Burman & Sons QC-1007 VW DIN 267 part 27
601 05
Citroen B 14 1235 Rockwell int’l Q-52
Rover RES.22.FP.01 Renault 39.02.010
Talbot B14 1235 Peugeot B14 1235


Properties Description Properties Description
Color Red Breakaway torque*(kgf-cm) > 204
Coefficient of friction > 0.25 Prevailing-off torque*(kgf-cm) < 561
Sealing capability < 400 bar (5760 psi) Shelf life 4 Years at max. 30℃ and max. 65% RH
Operation temperature -60℃ ~170℃ Fixture time (Start hardening) 5 min
Strength level High Fully cured time 24 hrs
Applicable configuration Recommend for threads > M6 or pitches > 1mm (for threads ≤ M6 or pitches ≤ 1mm, Precote® 80-8 is recommended)