precote 10 is a non-reactive coating based on polyamide which is melted after application on the thread. It offers immediate clamping and sealing of cylindrical threads. The coating is dry, tack-free and with good adherence

Product Features & Benefits

  •  Clamping immediately after assembly
  •  Reusable
  •  Constant assembly properties
  •  Melted polyamide coating
  •  Very good chemical resistance
  •  Can be applied to metallic and temperature resistant non-metallic surfaces
  •  Non-hazardous

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Industrial Specifications and Standards

Company Specification Company Specification


Properties Description Properties Description
Color Blue Application Thread locking for general use
Thread friction value 0.16 ~ 0.20 Initial installation torque*(kgf-cm) 51 ~ 184
Sealing properties psi)-Straight thread < 15 bar (216 psi) Shelf life 4 Years at max. 30℃and max. 65% RH
Operation temperature – Air -60 ℃~ 130℃