PRECOTE® Top 300

PRECOTE® Top 300

precote Top 300 is a coating based on wax. It lowers the thread forming values during assembly, prevents stick
slip as well as galling and enables higher clamp loads with equal tightening torque.

Product Features & Benefits

  •  Reduces thread-forming values
  •  Avoids stick slip and galling
  •  Temporary corrosion protection
  •  Constant assembly properties
  •  Partial coating
  •  Meets VDA coefficient of friction requirements
  •  Can be applied to metallic and non-metallic surfaces
  •  Non-hazardous
  •  Contains UV marker

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Industrial Specifications and Standards

Company Specification Company Specification


Properties Description Properties Description
Color yellow Chemical Type Wax
Thread friction value2 µThread 0,09 – 0,15
depending on dilution
Thread forming value3
(e.g. Ford WSS-M21P27A4)
< 20 Nm